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Small group 6-8 peaple.15-18 day trip. Start July10- 14.


1 Day: meeting.
2 Day: departure to mount by car 6-8 hours non stop fantastic view, swimming with mermaid in mount lake , lunch, Kazakh traditional food.
3 Day: you have choice use horse, or walk, in national park, 20 km to high level, 2000 m, and camp. Close to mount Belukha you feel Shambala.
4 Day: walk to mount lake were you can see one of the best view in you trip.
5 Day: waterfall 80 m high, you never forget what you see.
6 Day: of course you can take brake
7 Day: walk to panorama view, were you can see up front mount Belukha and all mount around, you will look like eagle…
8 Day: walk to mount Hope and Love.
9 Day: walk to old village camp, 60 years old, memory of Stalin period, hiking 20 km...
10 Day: maybe you want be alone walking around cedar forest, or see some also on the mount river, or see one more lake…
11 Day: walk close is possible to mount Belukha and we see what you feel around magic Rerikh rock
12 -16: walk around Belukha or go up, if you have good experience claming to ice wall 4600 m.
17: sorry, time to go home. All schedule possible change by weather or Mother Mount Belukha.
We hope you love MOUNTS.



The balance of your trip payment is due to 70 days prior to your departure.If payment is not received by the due date, we may be forced to treat your reservation as a cancellation. If so, and to recover costs, your deposit will be forfeited. If you have to cancel your booking, please inform us in writing. Cancellation charges are calculated from the day written notification is received. Cancellation fees are as follows:

1) 70 days before
departure =retention of deposit.
2) 69 days
or less before departure = 100% of land trip
cost plus any applicable airline penalties.

All prices(Eur) quoted are based on rates of
exchange in effect at time of publication. They are, therefore subject to any currency fluctuations, adjustments, changes in costs, surcharges for fuel, flights, etc., made since that date, and we may be compelled to amend prices in accordance with such changes. If price changes occur, you will normally be notified of the final tour price no later than 30 days before the date of your tour departure.
6) (a) If the balance of all monies due to the operator is not paid 70 days prior to departure, the operator may treat the booking as cancelled by the client; so also with any surcharge snot then requested which must be paid within 14 days of request and in any event before departure. In either case cancellation charges as below will be payable.

(b) An administration fee of Euro$150 per booking plus any additional costs will be charged if a confirmed booking is changed or transferred prior to 70 days before departure. Thereafter all changes treated as cancellations.
7) Clients must be in possession of valid passports and all visas, permits and certificates required for their journey and shall arrange such vaccinations as are normally recommended for the countries through which they intend to travel including those vaccinations from infection recommended Information as to these matters
provided by the operator and as to climate, clothing, baggage, gear and similar matters is given in good faith but without responsibility on the part of the operator.
8) The operator acts only as agents for clients in connection with hotel accommodation, camping arrangements, sightseeing tours and all kinds of transportation (other than tours or transportation provided and operated directly by the operator itself). The operator will use due diligence in so acting, but subject to that, shall be under no liability in respect of any matter howsoever arising in connection with such hotel accommodation, camping arrangements, sightseeing tours and transportation. Arrangements so made by the operator will be subject to any special terms imposed by hotel or site owners, tour providers or providers of transport.
9) (a) Occasions arise when the operator cannot follow its advertised itineraries or cannot maintain its advertised schedules of travel and stopping. Such itineraries and schedules are put forward as statements of intention only and not as representations or undertakings that they will be carried out.
(b) The operator may without liability on its part at any time alter and if in its view necessary cancel any tour, itinerary or holiday or part thereof including any hotel or camping arrangements. But if a tour is cancelled before departure the operator shall repay any monies received by it if the cancellation is not caused by matters beyond the operator’sreasonable control. The operator shall not be liable for delays in, deviations or omissions from any tour or route howsoever caused, or for any direct or indirect consequences thereof. When in the opinion of the operator ’srepresentative it is necessary in the interest of safety or for the satisfactory continuation or termination of a tour, to incur extra expense, the operator may do so and recover he same from the clients.
10) Clients together with their personal property including baggage are at all times solely at their own risk. They are strongly advised to insure adequately in respect of illness, injury or death for the duration of their trip and to insure fully against loss or damage to their property. Neither the operator nor its employees nor agents shall in any circumstances whatsoever be liable in respect of any personal injury, illness or death or in respect of any damage to or loss of property. Clients should satisfy themselves that any travel insurance arranged by the operator is what they require as the operator accepts no responsibility for this and should arrange supplementary insurance if need be. In respect of this clause, the operator is or shall be deemed to be acting on behalf of all persons who may be their servants or agents from time to time.
11) Clients will accept the authority and decisions of the operator’semployees and agents during a tour.
12) If in the opinion of the operator or a trip or trek leader or equivalent the health or conduct of a client (immediately before or at any time after departure) appears likely to endanger the safe, comfortable or happy progress of a trip, or if a client commitsany illegal act, the client may be excluded from the trip and the operator shall have no responsibility to or for them and no refund shall be due. In the case of ill health the operator may at its discretion make such arrangements as it sees fit and recover the cost thereof from the client.


13) This information is issued on the sole responsibility of the operators. It is not issued on behalf of and does not commit the airlines mentioned therein or any airline whose services are used in the course of the trip. These itineraries are especially prepared for international travel on the services of IATA carriers in association with domestic carriers. Fares listed are correct at the time of publication. Fare levels and conditions are subject to change. The responsibility of participating air carriers are limited. The airlines concerned may not be held liable or responsible for any inconvenience, loss, damage, or injury arising out of, or in connection with trip services described herein, other than their liability under the tickets and tariff provision for carriage by air furnished them.
14) The operator shall not be liable in respect of any claim made by a client unless adequate written notice of the claim is received by the operator from the client within 28 days of the end of the client’s trip with the operator, in respect of which the claim is made. The operator shall not in any circumstances whatsoever be liable to a client for any causes or cause whatever in respect of matters arising out of or in connection with a trip for a total sum in excess of the price of the client’s trip. The operators shall not in any circumstances whatever be liable for damages for loss of enjoyment or disappointment or inconvenience, or discomfort.


A fee of Eur150 will be charged to transfer from one departure to another on the same itinerary up to 70 days prior to departure. An administration fee of Eur50 will be charged for each addition and amendment to a confirmed reservation requested by the client, and for any bookings made within 30 days of departure.


Visas are required for some countries. Upon confirmation of your trip we will advise you exactly which visas are required for your particular trip. It is your responsibility to ensure your passport is valid and that you obtain the necessary visas prior to travel.


Inoculations and anti malaria prophylactics are strongly recommended for some areas. We will advise you of the requirements with your confirmation package. Contact your doctor, government health department, or inoculation center to answer questions or to receive the latest specific recommendations. It is always advisable to carry your own basic medical/first aid it and any prescription medicines.


It is compulsory that all clients are individually insured. Travel insurance with protection for at least US$75,000 emergency medical evacuation plus US$75,000 medical expense is mandatory. Adequate coverage for death, repatriation and curtailment is also required. We also strongly recommend Cancellation and Baggage Insurance is purchased at the time of booking which provides cover, under certain circumstances, against loss of the non-refundable deposit or cancellation charges and loss of personal effects. If obtaining insurance independently, the client must insure his/her insurer is aware of the type and location of travel to be undertaken.


· Arrival and departure flights(local or international), excess baggage
· Any visa, passport fees or airport taxes
· Any pre-trip or post-trip hotel accommodation
· Laundry, postage, telephone calls, drinks,meals,medical expenses and gratuities to staff and crew
· Travel insurance and emergency evacuation charges.Helicopter.Mountaineer. Climbing equipment.


In the event of cancellation of the booking due to illness or any other reasons, the operator will retain the deposit if cancellation is received more than 70 days before departure. If cancellation occurs within 70 days of departure, the entire trip fare is forfeited. These fees are the maximum chargeable and will in normal circumstances apply. The date of cancellation is the date receives written notice of cancellation from the person signing the booking form.

How to book
check of departure must be paid in full by transfer:
To Varis Tameev ACCOUNT#40817978530331593028 Banking requisites in EUR:Beneficiary bank name-ZAO Citibank Moscow, SWIFT address- CITIRUMX, Correspodent account-5520800, Correspondent bank-Citibank London, SWIFT address-CITIGB2L, ACCOUNT#40817978530331593028
Where travel is within 70 late bookings a late booking fee of EUR50 should late fee.

BOOKing FOrM -WalKing, treKKing & Wilderness Please ensure that details are completed in full and in block letters in accordance with your passport. Signing this Booking Form means you have read and agreed to the Booking Conditions.


Declaration: I acknowledge that I have been advised that has a consumer restitution fund and that my trip is not covered by this law because the foreign providers of transportation and travel services utilized for this trip are not registered as sellers of travel . i understand that this means i am not eligible to make any claim on that fund, and verify this statement by placing my/our initials here: Release of liability and assumption of all risk: i have read and accept the responsibility / terms of reservation, as well as General information herein, on behalf of all persons listed who appreciate the risks inherent in adventure travel. i/We do not suffer from any disability which would prohibit full participation in the tour(s). i/We hereby agree to be responsible for my/our own welfare, and accept any and all risks of delay, unanticipated events, illness, injury, trauma or death. i agree this release shall be legally binding upon myself, my heirs, successors, assigns and legal representatives and verify this statement by placing my/ our initials here: the trip you need personal insurance . it is my/our responsibility to ensure insurance cover is in effect for the duration of the trip which I/We acknowledge by placing my/our initials here:
signed: ................................................. date:.......................................................
Connecting Flight Request:
Deposit Eur 300 per person
trip:Eur 2500 per person for group 6 peaple.For one person,sole, trip Eur 10000.2 person Euro15000.
Tour Cost, payable if travel is within 70 days: Euro2500 per person for group 6 peaple.
For one person,sole, trip Eur 10000.2 person Eur15000.
Plus a late booking fee ofEur50 per person if booking is within 30 days of departure:EUR 2700
document preparation and shipping fee:Eur 30.00
Total Enclosed: Eur 2730
For one person sole trip - Eur 10000.
For two person - Eur 15000.
address of first person to whom all correspondence will be sent:
tel: Work: ......................................................... tel: home: .................................... email: ....................................
first name Last name nationality passport# place of issue date of issue expiry date occupation date of birth
(per passport)
dietary requirements / Medical conditions ...................................................................................
deposit Only: please now send Eur300
per person per trip non-refundable deposit
Full Payment: please now send Eur2730...........
for full payment please send to Varis Tameev ACCOUNT#40817978530331593028
Banking requisites in EUR: Beneficiary bank name-ZAO Citibank Moscow,
SWIFT address- CITIRUMX, Correspodent account-5520800,
Correspondent bank-Citibank London,SWIFT address-CITIGB2L
deposit now, Balance later: please now send Eur300
per person per trip non-refundable deposit, and the
remaining balance due (Eur.2700................)
before departure.
emergency Contact:
name: ..................................... relationship: .................................. tel: Work: ............................... tel: home: ..........................
trip Code trip name(s) departure date # days # people trip Costs


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